Wes Ykema

34 (in 2020)
Cleveland, Ohio
6' 2" / 1.88 m
180 lbs / 82 kg
17" / 43 cm
35" / 89 cm
40" / 102 cm
31" / 79 cm
32" / 81 cm
Hair color
Hair length
Eye color
Skin color
Shoot nudes
Wes Ykema#gallery bfada403-0351-495f-afd7-7b720c1b67c5 Wes Ykema#gallery 23c4c42f-a351-4acc-ac92-6c80e94c86df

My name is Wes, and I'd like to welcome you to my page. I first became interested in photography when I did it as a summer job, and now I'm finding that being on the other side of the lens is even better! I really like the positive reactions I receive when showing people my images, but more important is knowing that my work is benefiting others. Growing up I could have never imagined I'd be offered an opportunity to model; that kind of thing always goes to the cool, popular kids. I must say, the role reversal is refreshing!

Modeling is something I enjoy, and getting paid to have fun is the perfect job. I want to keep my involvement low-stress, as I do work full time using my engineering degree, and would like to continue to pursue that career. I think my well-rounded personality and varied experiences show through in my pictures and help add an appealing depth of character that's becoming more difficult to find. I love to try new things, and can't wait to see what's in store for me next.

I'm open to most any paying gig, but I will do SOME TFP/CD if I really like the photographer's work (I'm biased towards artistic). It helps to be established and have a varied portfolio - I'd like to avoid the GWC situation! If you think you'd like a TFCD shoot with me, let me know and we'll discuss. I'm more likely to say yes if you're either local or covering travel/lodging/food. If you want to work with me during a weekday, the shoot NEEDS to be paid, as I'll have to take time off from my real job (engineering).

Contact me through Model Mayhem.

Wes Ykema#gallery d3265f8a-1599-47f6-afb2-c17ed3a064dd Wes Ykema#gallery 9d06b719-a24b-4909-97fe-b3ed2f4da300 Wes Ykema#gallery a1833cab-c458-4812-b827-b329f6907d3e Wes Ykema#gallery de82130e-6fee-48af-8bb7-7b967f539404

Wes Ykema#gallery 423a083e-f1b1-4ecb-a58e-b95bdb7fa8b3 Wes Ykema#gallery 8e575ba3-9c21-45d8-bbcd-1bd0533c218e Wes Ykema#gallery 556e3125-781f-4216-a33c-e69ffd5f0adf Wes Ykema#gallery 96ffd42a-8d26-4907-b202-90e717e25578

Wes Ykema#gallery fdbcebcb-e30a-490a-be50-a7b58093a22d Wes Ykema#gallery 3f35a8eb-b38c-41c5-bcf6-a1dcc2a37826 Wes Ykema#gallery 308dfe54-84c6-45a1-a3cb-1c2d22de51c6 Wes Ykema#gallery 51215b1e-472d-412f-939a-3ab6a8514f5d

Wes Ykema#gallery 7361c3c6-341f-4f27-a1c0-896dc71f0bab Wes Ykema#gallery 3f479125-0ed2-4fd5-9a34-86065d182185 Wes Ykema#gallery d0f5c7f0-438e-41db-8e4e-24a17b07cd0f Wes Ykema#gallery fe55fde5-7eb6-4596-aca0-89912ea969df

Wes Ykema#gallery b28d1f8a-013e-44e7-895b-c1b5fe9da781 Wes Ykema#gallery 7a2e4a48-8e7b-409d-948c-b70ff4faf922 Wes Ykema#gallery fb005c1d-f8ff-4e77-9a7d-8c532a9330d6

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