Robert Isaac

31 (on 16 March 2016)
Miami, Florida, US
5' 10" / 1.78 m
174 lbs / 79 kg
31" / 79 cm
Hair color
Hair length
Eye color
Skin color
Some Experience
Inactive Model
Robert Isaac#gallery c0353a17-d2f5-4fce-ad72-763a9e106cc2 Robert Isaac#gallery 64b7c85b-c916-40c6-8712-2a992686cbdb

Hi! My name is Robert Isaac. I'm pretty new to the industry and I'm definitely looking to get more exposure and work with TALENTED photographers that will help me build my portfolio. At this time I'm currently looking for paid shoots however I'm definitely open to doing TFCD with photographers that will either get me exposure, a tear sheet or that will provide me with strong dramatic images that will take my portfolio to another level. I'm punctual, take direction well and I'm easy to work with. Only contact me if you are SERIOUS and PROFFESSIONAL...Unfortunately I've already dealt with a few people that were contacting me for the wrong reasons. Will NOT do any form of pornography pls do not waste my time or yours contacting me with anything of that sort... looking to do artistic, fitness, lifestyle and fashion photography. I'm a nice, easygoing and focused individual... looking to work with people who have similar qualities and a strong ambition, like myself.

When contacting me for a job/shoot:
  • Project description
  • Your Location
  • Availability
  • Length of shoot
  • Pay / trade
  • Hair/make-up/wardrobe?
  • Date, Time, and Location

Very excited about working with new talent that will use my look to create impacting images.

Contact me through Model Mayhem.

Robert Isaac#gallery f7563049-d9cc-4adc-a05b-3d87d06e7b6f Robert Isaac#gallery 904fb1d8-a71e-47be-aae3-22328189d0be Robert Isaac#gallery 74aed3a9-0383-4f3d-a538-174a79edf9d4 Robert Isaac#gallery 6b615ccc-9fbf-4bfd-9d7d-d421795d57ee

Robert Isaac#gallery ef23548b-98fe-482a-84c2-22f0776c9493 Robert Isaac#gallery f3fa4e19-127f-4504-9a09-25473e58f083 Robert Isaac#gallery bdbb61c1-1dad-4dac-bac1-047e6917c974 Robert Isaac#gallery 734951c9-91c2-48ce-a248-eb2d171af88c

Robert Isaac#gallery 29c94d77-b6b8-46e3-8193-7ca3a7ea0aa6 Robert Isaac#gallery a22e3b0a-cc6b-4f92-9dd6-ecbc6e07a303 Robert Isaac#gallery 3bca533d-923d-4fed-83b7-82c1b5813ca5 Robert Isaac#gallery 5eb6955b-3f14-4e9f-90fe-4d9aec5309a4

Robert Isaac#gallery 5fe44a06-1bb7-4d86-9502-3fd03ea368d9 Robert Isaac#gallery 839d0f34-973d-4ec5-a160-363050e1c98c Robert Isaac#gallery 582418e4-f378-4255-b56f-e079822df36b Robert Isaac#gallery afdef83b-93e9-4b39-9a4c-15d060b6d840

Robert Isaac#gallery 406d2d89-9657-4c9d-a122-f9aa7e2a4437 Robert Isaac#gallery b95d3e7f-4ecc-4902-9a2c-653b0254b172

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