Ray Diaz

25 (in 2016)
New York, USA
6' 0" / 1.83 m
155 lbs / 70 kg
38" / 97 cm
30" / 76 cm
Shoe size
Hair color
Hair length
Eye color
Skin color
Shoot nudes
Ray Diaz 1#gallery 17f7209a-a63d-46f8-84d1-19533c6c7f38 Ray Diaz 2#gallery e52ef2b0-21f8-4a4d-b9ff-fb92a7467dd4

Hi my name is Ray Diaz. I am European/Cuban, but I was born and raised in Key West Florida. I'm a very out going, hard working, easy going, and responsible friendly man but, I'm also very professional at the same time. I listen and take direction very well.

We all have a place in the world and I think I'm supposed to be in the fashion industry. I feel like I've been modeling and acting my whole life. Modeling is like acting, it's all about expressions. I'm a senior at Florida international University and I'm currently taking classes online so that I have time to travel and pursue my career in modeling/acting.

I am willing to do some TFP* with other models and photographers if the concept contribute to my port. I'm always open for suggestions that will help me become a better model. Creativity is essential in building a strong portfolio so, don't hesitate to give me any ideas. However, for most of my modeling work cash compensation would be expected. I'm not into any nudity and will do only implied if my agent approves and/or Manager receive pay.

Feel free to write me a message.

Contact me through ModelURL.

Ray Diaz 3#gallery 2cfad021-67e1-4480-90f1-82f39cac5417 Ray Diaz 4#gallery 3e1373a4-e3cd-4931-8cf2-3685f6053597 Ray Diaz 5#gallery de9e3f68-4c84-44b7-87ab-21ce3c987eaeRay Diaz 6#gallery e62d1bfc-836f-4cd1-8c34-ea09925831bf

Ray Diaz 7#gallery 66cc0fb0-986c-45d2-8395-10d8d772e3f5 Ray Diaz 8#gallery 12c1ed3e-99f9-472e-96e3-5f1630e4bcfd Ray Diaz 9#gallery 46d9ee47-d627-451f-bbe9-eb1d532dd991 Ray Diaz 10#gallery e7e090b5-14e4-4c95-9789-43beffae0d35

Ray Diaz 11#gallery 6d3a6005-ceb7-4a56-8ea4-bc2ca38cf633 Ray Diaz 12#gallery 84891e4d-ac91-462b-9e24-10e90c65ac5f Ray Diaz 13#gallery e9e837d8-bca7-495c-88a5-be3a360321d2 Ray Diaz 14#gallery 233cf8af-00b4-4ae6-beab-3396abea783e

Ray Diaz 15#gallery d7ab4409-53dc-4918-aa98-f5793d577600 Ray Diaz 16#gallery 00c159a2-054e-4326-be5a-540be23ded16 Ray Diaz 17#gallery c188b734-0aac-4868-8a47-a046ac62e26e Ray Diaz 18#gallery 1e72f99c-f72b-423d-bf47-e1249ffbb81e

Ray Diaz 19#gallery 6aa3faf8-f1fb-4585-9158-33c9556a83c5

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