Petr Prielozny

30 (in 2017)
20 February 1987
New York City, USA
5' 11" / 1.80 m
220 lbs / 100 kg
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As a youngster, when I was about 14, I remember saying myself: Those bodybuilders are disgusting. After a few years I joined the community of the bodybuilding world. When I first began to work with free weights lifting, I was 15. There was no gym or fitness in my small town so I had to create the equipment on my own. I used the iron bar, put it into the barrel of concrete on the both sides and I had a barbell. I just wanted to build stronger pecs and arms. I didnt know anything about nutrition, exercises and since I was living in a small town, I had nobody who would give me any advice.

First step was moving to a bigger city for high school. I used to live in a student house and my ways were every day the same. Dorms, school, dorms, gym, dorms. Since no one gave me any advice I remember I was doing 36 sets of biceps exercises. This time I started to ask about teen bodybuilding shows, asked for advices, tips, but nothing.

For the 2nd year of high school I moved to the capital city Prague and joined the real bodybuilding club with qualified trainers and many competitors. This was the breaking point, I was always listening to all the different opinions, and advice from all the people but I always picked up what I liked, so this was the way I build the collection of my knowledge.

At 17 I did my first show, it was teen division and I got 6th on the Championship of Bohemia. One week later I got 9th on the Championship of the Czech Republic. This wasn't the best result for me, but since I am fighter and never give up, this gave me more motivation and more fire. This was in 2004. 2005 was a magic year for me because I met teen bodybuilding star Jiri Borkovec, who has also been my best friend for many years. After a few meetings I realized that he is very smart and really can help me out with bodybuilding. I began to follow his advice and my body responded greatly. Jiri also showed me the way how to promote myself, how to keep the correct professional attitude in this sport. In this same year I was also competing, but in junior division, and since I was the youngest in this category against 21 years old guys, I got kicked ass. I got 6th on the Championship of Bohemia and 7th on the Championship of Czech Republic.

2006 was the year of graduation exams on my high school so I decided not to compete this year and fully focus on volume preparation. I knew I had to gain more mass on my weaker parts so I got more and more symmetrical. This worked well and in 2007 I got 2nd in the junior heaviest class on the Championship of Bohemia and 3rd on the Championship of the Czech Republic. I didn't agree with this result since I was best prepared competitor on my category, but judges saw it another way. As I already mentioned, I never give up, so this result told me that I have to work harder, keep myself to a stricter diet, be more serious. I was thinking about the next show and then my friend Jiri Borkovec won the biggest American show Muscle Mania Universe. Yes, I said to myself: If he could, you also can. So the year 2008 was again gaining preparation because I wanted to present myself in the best shape of my life. And now we are coming to the presence. In June 2009 I was in the best shape of my life. I presented myself as the best prepared competitor on stage with perfect posing and presentation and I achieved the best results.

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