Matt Acton

27 (in 2015)
New York, USA
5' 10" / 1.78 m
170 lbs / 77 kg
42" / 107 cm
30" / 76 cm
Hair color
Hair length
Eye color
Skin color
Very Experienced
Matt Acton#gallery 6df8bc8b-6b05-4db5-b413-867cb90b8019 Matt Acton#gallery a76ae184-6e72-4dca-9763-7a8935d51ac0

Thanks for your time and I hope you like what you see in my portfolio. I have been working on my body for a little under a year competitively now (about 5 years all together) and a friend told me that I had the look of a model and really gave me a push to start building a portfolio. I'm able to do fitness, urban, fashion, swimwear, etc. Anything that lets me show what I have worked hard to achieve with my body and my look. Nudes are not really my style but underwear I could live in. I'm a live person with a huge personality and believe in respecting other fully until they take that for granted.

I love what I do, modeling is a passion of mine, and I love helping people overcome their fitness goals for self confidence, to be more of a goal oriented person, and the drive to accomplish anything. I manage a privately owned sports supplement shop and though this place shredded sports is my home base for the start to your healthy and more confident lifestyle. Hopefully through my work/art I can help people become that much greater!

If you like what I have put up here please contact me for rates or trades or even any ideas for possible shoots. I'm always down for something creative. Let's make it happen. GET IN TOUCH

Contact me through Model Mayhem or Facebook.

Matt Acton#gallery a7552d82-f505-4c9b-b958-2a14e3ff165e Matt Acton#gallery fbdd67c6-6b26-413f-a9eb-c793b36eaa9f Matt Acton#gallery 3c1c67db-65a7-4498-b545-b1fab6e47963 Matt Acton#gallery 20e337a3-883e-43ca-9feb-d63ece205bda

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