Jesse Blum

30 (in 2016)
Las Vegas, Nevada, US
5' 11" / 1.80 m
180 lbs / 82 kg
32" / 81 cm
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Very Experienced
Inactive Model
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Hey Everyone... I just wanted to let everyone know I have recently relocated to the Denver/Boulder Colo area. While I am working in a local hospital, I also make time to get to the gym regularly. I am interested in hearing from any local photographers who might be interested in working with me, since I would like to keep modeling as well as continue to expand my career in the medical field.

I was born in Central Wisconsin where I played football and ran track and was in the choir and had parts in a few plays. Afterwards, I completed a few semesters in college toward a medical degree. I moved to Los Angeles, having received an invitation to go there and to pursue a career in acting and modeling, which have been two other passions of mine for years now. During my time in LA I made some great contacts, and learned a great deal from many auditions and photo shoots.

I returned home to Wisconsin in the Fall of 2007 and a year later have relocated to Colorado as I wrote above.

I have been humbled by the response of photographers and others in the business who have told me how much they appreciate my passion, enthusiasm, and solid work ethic. They have told me that my unique look, relaxed personality and sense of humor have allowed them to successfully capture on film what they were looking for. I always strive to be reliable, dependable and flexible enough to meet the requirements of any situation. I am grateful for this opportunity to expand my contacts in the modeling community, and am open to any comments, suggestions, or proposals that might be sent my way. Thanks for your consideration!

Contact me through Model Mayhem.

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