Andruw Barnes

Atlanta, Georgia
6' 1" / 1.85 m
180 lbs / 82 kg
30" / 76 cm
Shoe size
Hair color
Hair length
Eye color
Skin color
Very Experienced
25 May 2015
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Ok. To all of you who are interested in who I am and what I'm all about: I would have to describe myself as outgoing, selfless, sarcastic, goofy but, most of all, unique. My goal is to utilize this site and build my portfolio in a way that might help me gain some exposure and get work with a big time agency in the near future. I am open to working in most any situation, under almost any circumstance, as long as I'm not asked to do anything too weird the might infringe upon my moral values.

If I was to describe my style in one word, I would have to go with eclectic. My biggest role models/inspirations include my dad, older brother and Derick Zoolander. My hobbies range from "weezing tha ju-ice" to proving advanced mathematical equations on my bathroom mirror along with working on my cars. I love sports and the ladies. I never watch t.v. unless it's hoops, football or anything I would call "legit" without hesitation. I believe and have for some time now, that any Vince Lombardi quote can be applied practically to any guy's life and also would fit into the category of what I like to call "legit". So, in a very abbreviated nutshell, these things encapsulate "who I am" and "what I'm about".

Contact me through Model Mayhem.

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